Sunday, September 6, 2015

Things about being a Real Estate Agent you didn't know

Imagine you go to work one day and you spend the whole day on trying to complete a project and toward the end of completion you decide to take a late much needed lunch. While your at lunch a co worker comes in and finishes up the project, and while you spent all day getting to the last stages you get nothing for your efforts because you did not actually complete the project. 

What if I told you this what many Real Estate Agents face when dealing with "unfaithful" customers. Let me give you an example of how this happens. Agent A has been showing homes to Jan and Jan is driving down the road one day and sees a home she really wants to get into but Agent A is on another showing and about thirty minutes away from the home. Jan decides she will call Agent B  and see if she can get them to run over now and let her in this home but she plans on calling Agent A back to write an offer is she decides to do so. 

By doing this Agent B would have been unfairly and unknowingly investing time into what he or she believes is a possible potential customer when in fact that customer already knows Agent B with be forgotten about as soon as the door is closed and the showing is over.

Agent A could also be out his or hers invested time if Agent B learns of an offer written and can prove he or she deserves that commission.....either way Agent A and B both performed a job for Jan and deserve compensation for that job. 

Agents are paid strictly on commission and this means putting hours in sometimes with customers and receiving no compensation.

If you communicate with your  Agent and build a relationship you will find it is much easier to work with someone who has taken the time to get to know you and your needs. 
Agents invest time and money into their business and strive to build and maintain  long term relationships with customers, invest a little patience in your Agent even if you have to wait for a brief moment to get into a home.

Please understand when your Agent is not available and you contact another Agent with questions it is the common courteous practice of most Agents to refer you back to your Agent.

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