Sunday, September 6, 2015

Why we Recommend a Private Home Inspection

Purchasing a home is a long-term commitment and it is highly recommended that you have the home thoroughly inspected before closing on your purchase.

Your Agent is on your side and we do our best to point out obvious defects when showing homes but there are many things your eyes and mine do not see.

Inspectors go places your agent does not, crawl spaces, attics, behind walls etc. An inspector also has the ability to test the air quality for things that often go undetected until it has caused an issue some how.

It is your option to choose whether or not you want the inspection, it is for your protection and it is your responsibility to choose an inspector and pay any fees related to the inspection.

A city inspection is a different inspection than private inspections. You can ask the seller to pay for this inspection fee. If you are required to have a certificate of occupancy, this inspection is not optional,  each city varies so it is best to call the city and inquire about their guidelines pertaining to this matter.

It is best to request this inspection be complete before close as well that way if there are any repairs that need to be negotiated it will need to be done at the time of purchase.

You can find a list of inspectors simply by googling private home inspectors near what ever city you choose.

For a list of homes available or to list your current home email Pam@eliterealtymi.com or call or text 734-748-3037.

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